Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Golf Club. Junk Project #1.

I'm not a very clever writer...but I thought I'd go out on a limb and call this post Goodwill Golfing...kinda like Goodwill Hunting. Get it? Like the movie?

Oh Yeah, you might need to know that I discovered my golf clubs at the Goodwill in Ocala, Florida. Now do you get it?

Karla, my sister, and I were on our way to Hobby Lobby when I saw the brilliant blue letters, GOODWILL, protruding out of the dull grey sky..."Get in the right lane!" I hollered.

I wasn't planning on buying anything...just wanted to check out the lay of the store...I saw these really cool golf clubs...I don't golf. There was just something about them that forced me to linger at the rack until I figured out how I could justify bringing them home. I got it!

Karla found a Stiffel lamp for $6. I will show how we transform it in a follow-up post. Notice how I dress for our outings...shame on me!

Golf club paper towel holder. Junk Project # 1.

I just couldn't pass these puppies up! Since it only takes one club for the towel holder, you can guess I will have another project forthcoming.

Mr. C with the Hardly Able Workshop and I worked together. The entire project took us less than 40 minutes. We finished a 6 1/2" square precut pine wood plaque from Hobby Lobby with Mylands antique brown tinted wax polish.

We drilled a center hole to snugly fit a 1/2"diameter dowel. To avoid drilling our 4 tee (feet) holes all the way through our base, we marked our drill bit with a piece of tape. Tip: Practice getting the perfect size holes on a scrap piece of wood. They should be snug.

(We snipped the tees with a wire cutter and sanded the ends flat.) Mr. C. inserted the feet into the holes with a drip of wood glue for extra strength.

Tap. Tap. Level. We cut our 1/2" diameter oak dowel rod 8 1/2" long and inserted and glued into the snug center hole.

Using a tube cutter we cut the club just above the grip and 2 inches below the wrap of the club head. (Avoid destroying valuable antiques. I am talking garden variety junk.) Tip: A metal saw will do the same job as a tube cutter...but doesn't give you as straight and clean of a cut.

We drilled out the end of the grip so it slips over our dowel. (Be sure to measure your clubs as they may vary in size.)

The shaft closer to the club is smaller than the shaft by the grip so they fit together beautifully. Changing your paper towel rolls is a snap.

Great father's day gift! Wish my dad golfed....

I decided last minute I wanted the base to be a little darker so I rubbed on some black latex paint and got a great brownish/blackish patina. It is never too late to change your mind.

How much do you think this project cost? Check out the Junk Revolution Community message boards under Reimagine Home Junk and I will tell you!


Diane said...

How cool is this! I'll bet there's some avid golfer out there reading this though who is cringing at the cut-off golf club! LOL! Hopefully, this will end up in a nice gentleman's clubhouse! ;-)

Margo said...

That is such a great idea. I stopped off at our goodwill today. Doesn't look as fancy as yours though. I found some interesting stuff too. I told my DH that I should really go in there everyday.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Your creativity never ends! I love it!!!

misselaineous said...

Hey Ki...Cool project! Glad you found the Goodwill...there's another good one in Jacksonville...but the stuff goes out as fast as it comes in...I think there are shoppers who almost camp out there :o} Have you made it to any Flea Markets yet? Steph checked out the one in Volusia County last Wed. & said the place was packed...full to capacity on vendors! Hope all is well...hoppin' over to the Revolution...see you again!! *elaine*

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

You are amazing!... the junk project queen for sure! What a great idea. We don't have any golfer friends or family....but I love it. I don't know if I told you how much I love the junk screens in your previous posts....but I am definately using this idea....very clever!!

~Cheryl @ cottagefarmvilla

The Charm House said...

This is so cute!!! I am not a golfer, but this looks like a great Christmas idea! Have to go shopping for some golf clubs!
Love it!
My word verification is pinge ~ Isn't that a golf club ~ ping? funny.....
Oh my ... Have to get our laughs some way, on some days....

vintagewindow said...

I really like this project. The holder would look great sitting on the tables of a local sports bar. I've seen some use the club heads to make coat racks or curtain tiebacks.

Happy Hump Day


bec4 said...

I love this project! I am so going to copy this. Thanks for the inspiration, Ki.

Junk Girl said...

This is awesome, Ki! My family (hubby and two teenage boys) would actually think this junk idea is a neat one! So fun! Andrea

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

The blue letters in the sky...GOODWILL!! Nothing sweeter LOL! I know exactly what you mean about the shopping wardrobe.I feel embarrassed for like a minute until I get in there and start rummaging!
Enjoy your day!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

The blue letters in the sky...GOODWILL!! Nothing sweeter LOL! I know exactly what you mean about the shopping wardrobe.I feel embarrassed for like a minute until I get in there and start rummaging!
Enjoy your day!

Liz said...

I am SO impressed! This looks fabulous!

liam said...
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Tinta's Treasures said...

My daughter works at a 'country club' and my son-in-law loves to golf. Thanks for showing how to make the holder. I'm gonna have to get one made for SIL.

Miss Sandy said...

A hole in one idea! Fun find!

sepiadreams said...

Creative little girl aren't you. Great idea!!! Hugzzz...Tiina..

Sheila, Mom, Mimi, Lucy Ricardo said...

Hi, I love LOVE your blog! (And everything, your books, you name it)!


Luis said...

You have really devised nice way to get rid of that junk and get something new and useful too.

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